Aurora Farm Scene
At Aurora Farms, we believe in quality care and each horse is cared for individually as one of our own
. Whether you have a retiree, a horse with an injury, or a broodmare needing special care, we are the place to come if you want it done right.

Our desire to maintain the highest quality and INDIVIDUALIZED care limits the number of horses that Aurora will accept.






Aurora Farms began in 1999 as a quality care retirement farm. Situated on gently rolling hills in a quiet country setting, Aurora now spans over 89 acres. The idea came into existence when Melody Adler couldn't find the right farm to retire her own special horse - a place that would give him the respect and treatment he deserved.

At the request of clients and veterinarians, Aurora has since expanded its services to offer rehabilitation care and specialized breeding services.

Having 25 years experience in the breeding industry, Melody decided to attempt an embryo transfer from her own show mare to a recipient mare, and thus, the breeding part of the farm began. Next, a retiree client requested her mare be bred, and the breeding operation has since grown to offer start-of-the-art laboratory services.

Melody´s attention to detail and conscientious attitude toward rehabilitation and breeding have led to great success on the farm. Our ability to implement specific instructions from the veterinarians and farriers means that your horse will get immediate attention and treatment here on the farm. We have successfully treated and cared for several foundered horses, a septic foal, the eye of a horse afflicted with Fungal Keratitis.

At Aurora there is no acceptable foal loss rate and Melody personally attends each foaling.

Horses have fun here too!


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