Services offered: Stallion and Mare Care

  • Semen pickup services from all local farms and airports
  • State of the Art On site Lab
    • Semen Evaluation
    • Foal IgGs
    • Colostrum Evaluation
    • Cultures and Cytology's
    • Sensitivities on the cultures (advantage of weekends results).
    • Centrifuging for small volume lavage cultures and semen
  • Mare Infusion & Lavage
  • Embryo Transfer (on site)
    • There are many safety issues that make embryo transfer a reasonable option for many mares. Embryo transfer means:
      1. A donor mare isn't put at risk carrying her own foal.
      2. A donor mare can still show/compete.
      3. A donor mare can still produce even if she can't carry her own foal.
      4. A donor mare can produce several foals per year depending on the rules under the breed registry.
  • Artificial Cycling of mares under lights for earlier foals
  • Artificial Insemination with frozen or fresh cooled semen from the stallion of their choice
    • The advantages of Artificial Insemination include:
      1. Increased safety - lower risk of venereal diseases.
      2. Increased safety - no risk of stallion-induced injury to the mare during breeding.
      3. Stallion efficiency - up to 10+ mares can be bred on one semen catch

   Foaling Care:

  • Foaling:
    • 24 Hour Video Monitoring
    • Heated Foaling Area
    • 4 Foaling stalls have minimum size of 12' x 24' and are bedded with straw
    • Specialized Attention - no more than 4 mares on foal watch at any time
    • Full emergency kit including foal resuscitator & oxygen tank
    • Veterinarian on call
    • All foalings are attended by farm owner Melody Adler
    • CBC run on all newborn foals
    • IgGs run on a Densimeter to check for failure of passive transfer
    • Colostrum Bank
    • Secure Barn
      • Complete Video Surveillance
      • Security system with door sensors on all stall and human doors
      • Fire detectors monitored by security company
      • Trailer is always hooked up during foaling season in the event of an emergency

   Veterinary Services:

  • Embryo Transfer procedures can be done at your choice of top veterinary hospitals or on site by Drs. James or Kerry Beckman.
  • We work with:
  • Farm owner Melody Adler has certificates from Colorado State University in:
    • Foaling
      Equine Reproduction
    • Artificial Insemination
    • Collection and Evaluation of Fresh Cooled Semen
    • Problem Mares and Stallions

   Broodmare Board:

  • Broodmare board includes the following services. Please contact us for pricing.
    • stall board
    • turnout
    • feed
    • basic supplements
  • Any veterinary costs are to be paid by the owner of the mare. Transfer for one embryo can cost up to $3,000 in veterinary bills.


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