Our Farm

Aurora Farms was created to be a haven for horses who need a little extra care. It rests in the bluegrass countryside of Kentucky between Louisville and Lexington, with some of the world’s finest equine hospitals close at hand for emergencies. Over 100 acres of rolling pasture surrounded by mature shade trees provides the ideal natural environment, and the facilities were built to offer everything that your horse needs.

Stallion Barn


  • Covered turnouts and private pastures with mature shade trees
  • Variety of pasture turnout for individual needs from easy keepers to Cushing’s horses
  • Small herd turnout of 2 - 6 horses for retirement boarding provides companionship without stress
  • Run-in shelters with fans
  • Round pens, one covered
  • Lighted field for cycling mares early
  • Automatic watering system, with heated water in winter


  • Oversized 16 x 16 stalls with soft horse mattresses and excellent ventilation
  • Covered turnouts
  • Climate-controlled padded stall with lift system and IV capability for rehab
  • Breeding shed
  • Scales for weight checks
  • Foal safety cages
  • Mare and foal stocks


  • Our location provides us with easy access to equine hospitals for emergencies
  • Concierge veterinarian on call 24/7/365
  • In-house, state-of-the-art diagnostic lab to speed test results
  • Semen collection and analysis laboratory
  • Farrier visits in the horse’s own pasture or stall


  • Experienced, live-in staff provide around-the-clock care
  • Video surveillance of every stall and all covered areas
  • Front security gate on the property, requiring coded access for after-hours entry
Friendly Foals at the Farm
2021 weanlings Andy and Alien

Residents of Aurora Farms

2 stallions
5 - 10 yearlings
20 - 25 retirees
5 - 10 broodmares
2 - 3 rescue horses
2 emotional support donkeys
2 doggos who have never met a stranger

Our On-Site Diagnostic Lab

We are extremely proud of the capabilities of our  state-of-the-art equine diagnostic lab, and thrilled with the advantages it provides us. By running detailed tests in-house, Aurora is able to get rapid results, including on weekends and holidays. This quick turnaround eliminates days of waiting on an outside lab, and allows us to put those lab results to work immediately, to direct the course of treatment and speed recovery.

  • Complete Blood Counts (CBC)
  • Comprehensive Panels
  • Cultures and Sensitivity Tests
  • Cytologies
  • Foal IgGs
  • Colostrum Evaluation
Aurora Farms Lab

Our Mare and Rehabilitation Barn

The specialized facilities at Aurora Farms allow us to customize treatment for horses in recovery from injury, illness, or surgery, and provide services tailored for breeding and foaling mares.

  • Oversized 16 x 16 stalls with soft horse mattresses and excellent ventilation
  • Center stalls open up to a 16 x 32 stall for rehab
  • Perimeter stalls have attached 16 x 32 covered turnouts and private pastures
  • Climate-controlled padded stall with a lift system and IV capability
  • Two stalls on site with foal safety cages
  • Automatic watering system, with heated water in winter
  • Mare and foal stocks
  • Scales for weight checks
Mare Barn Detail
Mare Barn Detail
Mare Barn and Pond

Our Stallion Barn

Our stallion barn and breeding facility is a quiet, private environment built to ensure the comfort and safety of all involved in the breeding and collection process. Large, spacious areas provide room for the handlers to work safely around the horses, and the housing for the stallions provides outdoor freedom and secure social interactions.

  • Oversized 16 x 16 stalls with soft horse mattresses and excellent ventilation
  • Attached 16 x 36 covered turnouts going into private 1-acre paddocks
  • Breeding shed
  • Semen collection and analysis lab
  • Automatic watering system, with heated water in winter
  • No-climb mesh fencing
Stallion Barn
Stallion Barn
Stallion Barn