Rehabilitation & Layup

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The advanced facilities at Aurora Farms allow us to custom tailor treatment for horses in recovery from injury, illness, or surgery.  We work hand-in-hand with equine hospitals and veterinarians to serve post-surgical patients and offer long-term care for all types of injuries.

Getting Ready to X-Ray

State-of-the-art Diagnostic Lab

Having our on-site equine diagnostic lab available at all times provides us with enormous capabilities and advantages in rehabilitation. We are able to run detailed tests in-house and get rapid results, including on weekends and holidays. This quick turnaround eliminates days of waiting on an outside lab, and allows us to put those lab results to work immediately, to direct the course of treatment and speed recovery.

  • Complete Blood Counts (CBCs)
  • Comprehensive Panels
  • Cultures and Sensitivity Tests
  • Cytologies
  • Foal IgGs
  • Colostrum Evaluation

“Melody Adler’s medical and equine knowledge and TLC give my horse a healthy and happy life. She attends the farm 24-7, giving me total confidence that I chose the best place for quality life.”

Helene DelMese

Jack and Udy

Specialized Facilities in Our Rehab Barn

  • Oversized 16 x 16 stalls with soft horse mattresses and excellent ventilation
  • Center stalls open up to a 16 x 32 stall for rehab
  • Perimeter stalls have attached 16 x 32 covered turnouts and private pastures
  • Climate-controlled padded stall with a lift system and IV capability
  • Two stalls with foal safety cages, used to maintain the mare/foal bond while providing medical treatment
  • Automatic watering system, with heated water in winter
  • Mare and foal stocks
  • Scales for weight checks
  • Video surveillance of all stalls and covered areas
Rehab Barn
Rehab Barn
Turnout Shelters

HIPAA for Horses

Aurora Farms was created with two simple missions:  provide exceptional care for horses and provide peace of mind for their owners.  For these reasons, we maintain absolute patient confidentiality, or what we call HIPAA for Horses.  While being cared for in our rehabilitation center, no information on a horse’s identity, ownership, health status, medical history, or treatment will be made available to anyone other than the owner or individuals approved by the owner.