Heartland's Queen Of The Road "Jelly" and her 2021 filly Chicklet

Aurora Farms specializes in breeding programs for mares and stallions with reproductive problems. Through our embryo program; artificial insemination; and the collection, analysis, and shipping of semen; our team is able to provide many different options and procedures proven to increase your mare’s rate of conception.

Mare and Foal Playing
Farewell Jewell and her 2021 colt Rodney

Breeding Services Offered

  • Embryo flushing procedures can be performed at Aurora, or at your choice of top veterinary hospitals
  • Embryo transfer can be performed at a nearby clinic, or the embryo can be shipped
  • Artificial cycling of mares under lights for earlier foals, starting the first of December
  • Artificial insemination with fresh or cooled semen and mare management for artificial insemination
  • Mare infusion and lavage
  • Semen collection, analysis, and shipping

Semen Collection and Analysis Lab

Our on-site lab utilizes advanced computer-aided sperm analyzers (CASA) to be able to deliver the quickest, most accurate semen evaluations, measuring morphology, motility, volume, and concentration. Aurora uses the CEROS II system, along with an AXIO Lab.A1 microscope (the same system commonly used in university biological research protocols) to provide extremely detailed and reliable sperm analysis and to make dose calculations.

Melody in the Lab