Zip Me Up & 2021 colt Windgate's Lord Gothic "Zipper"

After 11 long months of waiting, foaling happens suddenly; and usually in the middle of the night. Aurora Farms has welcomed hundreds of happy, healthy foals into the world, assisting the mare during delivery if necessary, and providing the postnatal care that is critical for immediate and long-term health of both foal and mare.

Skippitana 22
Skippitana 2022

The Aurora Advantage

  • Specialized attention: Aurora will only accept 12-15 mares to foal here each year
  • Secure barn complete video surveillance
  • On-site colostrum bank
  • Full emergency kit including foal resuscitator, oxygen tank, and plasma
  • Trailer is always on stand-by during foaling season in the event of an emergency
  • Veterinarian examination of both foal and mare
  • Stalls on site with foal safety cages
  • Oversized 16 x 16 stalls with soft horse mattresses, excellent ventilation, attached 16 x 32 covered turnouts and private pastures
  • Automatic watering system, with heated water in winter

Foal and Mare Care

From birth, our foals are handled every day, quickly learning to allow their feet to be picked up, haltering, and grooming. Mares and foals will begin life on the farm in their own private stall with attached 16 x 32 covered turnouts and private pastures. When the horses and the Kentucky weather are ready, our mares and foals will get to join others in large grass pastures with run-in shelters, with small groupings based on compatibility.

“Thanks to Melody’s tender loving care, I now have a healthy two month old filly. I cannot say enough about Melody’s knowledge, concern, and the quality of care she provided. Without Melody, I would have lost my beloved foal. We are calling this filly our miracle baby.”

Tammy Jones

Heartland's Queen Of The Road "Jelly" and her 2021 filly Chicklet

Foal in the Grass
2021 weanling



$450 for resident mares
$800 for guest mares

Included in flat fee:

For Foal

  • IgG - run on a Densimeter to check for failure of passive transfer
  • CBC - to establish baseline values for overall health and screen for any health issues
  • Navel Dip - after umbilical cord has broken, the umbilical stump is disinfected every 6 hours for the first day

For Mare

  • Banamine - NSAID injection for alleviation of inflammation and pain
  • Probiotics - delivered orally
  • Electrolytes - delivered orally
  • Colostrum Evaluation - to predict adequate passive transfer

Veterinary exams will be billed separately, directly to owner.

Medication administration may require an additional fee.

Full Care Mare Boarding

$25 / day for resident mares
$35 / day for guest mares

Full Care Weanling / Yearling Boarding

$500 / month, in addition to mare boarding fee

Included in flat fee:

  • 2-3 times daily grain — individualized feed program for every horse
  • Pasture, free-choice hay when needed
  • Run-in shelters with fans
  • Automatic watering system, with heated water in winter
  • Minor medical (wound care)
  • Tending to horse during vet or farrier visits
  • Around-the-clock care
  • Each horse is individually attended to and monitored everyday

Veterinary and farrier services will be billed separately, directly to owner

Medication administration may require an additional fee